Slow down your pace and discover the magic around you!

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How to slow time?

“Today, take the time to slow down and enjoy the joy, cherish your moments, be more mindful, create a life you don’t need a vacation from, slow down your pace and see the difference”

When was the last time you saw a sunrise or a sunset? When was the last time you paused for a moment along the roadside to observe the fastness of the world, the rat race? When was the last time you spent some dedicated time with your life partner, spouse, kids or at least yourself? When was the last time you listened to the music of nature? When was the last time you observed the gentleness of the air, the calmness of water, the chirping of birds, the waving of trees, the song of nature, the smell of wet sand?
Can you remember when was the last time you think you were mindful and present in the moment? When was the last time you had a feeling of being alive?
Have you ever asked yourself questions like this? If not, start asking more questions to yourself.

“Quality questions create a quality life”

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the questions you ask to yourself. Note this mathematical formula somewhere in your journal. The more uplifting questions you ask, the more empowering answers you get, and the better is the quality of your life. Now a days we have time for everything around us except us! Can you remember when was the last time you were with yourself? I mean no smart phone, no dumb phones either (Hahaha), no emails, no smart or dumb gadgets. Only you! You feeling little things happening around you.
Now a days our ability of feeling things has become quite an extinct.
Pause for a moment. Right now. Think about these questions for a moment. Because at the end what matters most is the quality of your life you lived. How many moments you had from countless hours. What was the feeling of being alive? Don’t you feel you are missing life? Oh! I understand, you don’t have time to feel like missing the life. But then for what are you alive? Just for rushing like anything from morning until you go to bed. Is this the definition of life for you? If yes, then I guess you would have to change it to experience a higher quality of life, fulfilment, joy, accomplishment, happiness from life. Enjoy small moments in life. Take a pause, don’t quit, but sometimes, it is essential to take a pause and be more mindful, alive, in the moment.


Nowadays, we are so much overwhelmed with tasks, that we merely have time to think. We are just busy with all sorts of small-stuff. Most of us have had experience of sitting on a computer (rather I should say, sitting in front of computer!) with 20 tabs wide open, and you get a warning of “Startup disk almost full” and as soon as you fixed it up, you get another damned notification saying, “Microsoft needs another ‘critical’ update” and another warning saying, “C drive is full & out of space” followed by couple of other critical warnings and finally… the system crashes!!!
We are slowly being more like robots than humans. And on top of it, social media, emails, etc. Cause more of the stress in life making you totally off track of your life.
So, what to do with this? SLOW DOWN YOUR TIME.

Create more moments:
The best way to slow down the pace of your time is to create moments out of minutes.


Scene: 1

It was 9.00 PM and Ramesh was sitting in front of the T.V. set when his little, gentle, cute looking, kid, studying in 1st class, came in with something in his hands, jumping and bumping like anything, seemed very excited to show something to his dad. His voice was full of energy and excitement.
“Dad, see this! I got A+ grade in my class. And you know what? Teacher told that I was the only one in the whole class who scored A+ in all the subjects.”
Ramesh in a tired voice, “Good job baby! Keep it up! Can you please bring me a glass of water?”


And with this, the all the expectations of this kid were crushed like anything. He was anticipating few words of appreciation from his dad. After all, if you think, we all are seeking for the same, it’s not just the kid, but we all are striving for few words of appreciation, isn’t it?


Think mindfully for this moment. Though scoring A+ in 1st class is not a mountainous achievement, but if Ramesh wished, he could have created and converted this to a mountainous achievement and he could have created some ecstasy moments for his child rather than killing time sitting in front of that idiot box. Creating moments is just the matter of choice. If you choose to be mindful, present and alive in the present moment, you can create moments anytime and every time. That’s not a hard job. That’s just the matter of choice. If Ramesh wished, he could have turned off the T.V. set and could have appreciated the child for this great achievement. What if Ramesh had been like,
“WOW, baby! That’s an excellent job! I’m really proud of you. You’re amazing, and I know you are going to do & be great. Let’s celebrate this achievement, what if we go for an ice cream treat with your mom?”

“That would be amazing dad! I LOVE YOU!”

“I LOVE YOU TOO baby, get ready, today is a day for celebration”

Think about this conversation for a moment. Wouldn’t this conversation have created a better bond between child and the dad? Wouldn’t this conversation have strengthened the relationship between them? Of course yes, and the child would be more respectful for his loving dad. And most important, don’t you think they would have had a quality time, the whole family enjoying moments, rather than sitting on a couch drinking the glass of water and watching that idiot box.
Again reminding you, it’s all about the matter of choice. Choose joy! Choose happiness! You can be happy right now for no good reason. You don’t require any excuse for your happiness. Do you? Off course NO! Your happiness is just a decision away. Your ecstasy moments are just a decision away from you.


Scene 2:

Namita, Maunik and his little kid were having dinner in a well known five star hotel. It was their 3rd wedding anniversary today! The waiter who was serving them was very much generous, joyous, cheerful, and the way he served the dinner to this couple was something indescribable in words. His way of serving things won the heart of this couple, as it did of everyone in the hotel. Everyone was very happy and delighted by his service & the same was with this gentleman Maunik. However he was an exception. He didn’t took it for granted as everyone else did. He wanted to thank him, thank him gracefully; not as everyone did, by offering him a hard tip. Rather he wanted to create some moments which this waiter would never ever forget in his whole life! What he did is something you could never imagine. When the waiter went in to get the food, Maunik went to the adjoining tables where this waiter served. He asked those people that ‘were they really happy with the service this waiter rendered?’ And all one or in other way appreciated it, “Yeah! He is good” and all sorts of compliments.

So now Maunik started, so here is the game plan guys!
“Right now, he is in, busy with some of our stuff (He was in the kitchen). Now as soon as he gets nearer to our table we all will greet him with a standing ovation for his generous service, smiling face, joyous attitude & cheerful nature. Is it okay with you all guys!”
And surprisingly all agreed with that.
And so now the game was set. Unknowingly, this waiter came gently to serve the food near Maunik’s table and as soon as he was just there, everyone around Maunik’s table stood up clapping for this gentleman serving at his best! Everyone thanked him for the service he rendered; he rendered love with the food he served. And with this, the whole restaurant was filled up with feelings of warmness.


And this waiter… He was humbled by this. He was emotionally filled up, with no words to respond to this. After a while when this waiter came to Maunik’s table what he said was something like this… “Sir, I don’t know you, but you know what, I can surely say that, the feeling I had today was something I had never felt in my life. I could just say that, ‘I LOVE YOU sir!’ I had never ever felt so much significant as I did today. Thank You so much for making me feel important and significant. Today I felt that I really exist”
Maunik was too humbled by this. But for him, still one another gift was remaining.
As soon as Maunik & Namita reached up home, Namita just kissed Maunik and said, “Maunik! I LOVE YOU too. You know how I was feeling in the restaurant? I was just feeling very proud to have you with me. I was thinking that the man who can be so much good to a stranger… How good can he be to the one he loves? I love you darling, I love you…” and with this tears came out of her eyes.

And his kid? His kid (practically) learned a great lesson of life which no one could have ever taught him. Neither in school nor in his life. The lesson of creating moments, appreciating the present moments, cherishing them as they are never going to look back again. Time just flies. The way you could capture it is, by locking it into moments which are unforgettable.
You know how accomplished you could feel by making someone else happy? The feeling is indescribable.
Make moments! As much as possible, as many as possible, with whomsoever near to you…
Don’t just rush after dreams and targets, have sometime to connect with yourself, kids, family, because your dreams will be still there tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on, but you and your children may or may not be there. Life is full of uncertainty, choose to cherish whatever part you have with you, fill it up with moments of love and gentleness, because the treasure you will be holding on your deathbed is, the sum of the moments you had, the love you shared, how much did you cared and how did you lived? Henceforth, decide and determine that you will always be more loving, more caring, compassionate, kind and humble than ever before. Always try to create more and more moments of love, create JOY in life, find fulfilment and happiness from the things which everyone may not even notice. Be more mindful about your life.
Key point here is,
“Appreciate small things and you will experience happiness in the moment”


Always remember,
“If you have to go to the moon to feel a sense of adventure, then I think you have a problem. But when you can find adventure from a smile, then you’re rich.”

“A slower-paced life means making time to enjoy your mornings, instead of rushing off to work in a frenzy.
It means taking time to enjoy whatever you’re doing, to appreciate the outdoors, to actually focus on whoever you’re talking to or spending time with — instead of always being connected to a Blackberry or iPhone or laptop, instead of always thinking about work tasks and emails.
It means single-tasking rather than switching between a multitude of tasks and focusing on none of them.
Slowing down is a conscious choice, and not always an easy one, but it leads to a greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness.”
-Leo Babauta


Some ways to be a bit slower and enjoy what life is offering in the moment:

Creating moments and enjoying is never bounded to the amount of money you have, it’s just the quality of wisdom you possess and the choices you make.
1. Just go for a walk, nearby your house, and observe tiny little things happening around.
2. Visualize your goals, or remember your pleasant moments that you have had in the past with whom you cared about.
3. Take the long way to the store one day, stopping at points of interest, looking for things we never particularly noticed before.
4. Plug in your favourite song and pay attention to the lyrics.
5. Dance, sing, rejoice, have a self-talk.
6. Reconnect with nature; try to play around with plants, pets etc.
7. Be more mindful in the present moment. Be more engaged in whatever is happening around rather than living a lot of days ahead of today.
8. Slowing the time is, To enjoy just being somewhere, rather than rushing from somewhere, to somewhere.
9. Look at yourself, smile, laugh, be crazy enough to live life fully. Don’t care what the F*** everyone around would think. Let them spend their time, thinking all about of you.
JUST S.T.O.P. = Start To Open Possibilities. Stop for a moment, discover the greatness of life, live it to its fullest!


Being said this please permit me to end up here with few great lines…

Someone has truly said,


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