Have you ever failed?

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Have you ever failed in life? Well, yes! you would have failed many times, provided-if you had tried to succeed at anything in life. And yes, failing is a part of succeeding. Now, what makes the difference between a lifetime failure and a temporary failure is their attitude.

Now, let me get back to the question. Have you ever failed? If yes, then your next question is, “Why did you failed?”


The answer to this one question makes all the difference. So, first of all, I want you to pause for a moment and jot down reasons, why did you failed? Did you failed because you didn’t had the right set of resources, or you were lacking time, or you didn’t had enough money, or the people you were working with were not perfect or you failed because you didn’t had the right technology, or any random thing! You can have your own unique answers.


Done with your answers? If yes, then proceed. If no, first jot down your answers. So now I hope you are finished with your answers. So now, if you have answers similar to what I have mentioned earlier, then I guess you have a problem. Because resources are never the problem. The ultimate problem is the ‘lack of resourcefulness’. 


The ultimate resources are the set of emotions. Because with a set of strong emotions you can breakthrough any difficult situation. No matter what!

If you are passionate enough, tell me, will you not be able to figure out a way? If you are determined enough, couldn’t you accomplish anything? Tell me, if you are committed enough you will be able to find out a way, a ray of light from the darkest of rooms isn’t it?


So, the fact of the matter is, ‘It is never the lack of resources that keeps us away from achieving what we want, but it is the lack of resourcefulness.’ 


Because, if you are resourceful enough, you can generate resources from nowhere! If you observe the top most successful personalities of the world, none of them had resources. But what they had was more expensive than resources. They had resourcefulness! The ultimate resources are, commitment, strong emotional desire, determination, hungriness to succeed etc.


And, the fact of the matter is, If you want to succeed in any area of your life, up to no limits, the first thing you need to do is, STOP BLAMING SOMETHING for your FAILURE!’


Why to blame something? No, nothing was wrong! Nothing needed improvement. You were wrong! You had to get better. Yes, you had to change. If somebody was to be blamed, that was YOU! Not the environment, not the people, neither the circumstances nor the economy. Because when we blame our environment, or economy or all external circumstances, we never ever get enough pain, enough leverage to change. Just because we were never wrong at all. What was wrong is all external circumstances and so if something needs to change is external circumstances.


So, if we want real, radical change in our lives then the first thing we got to do is, STOP BLAMING THE ENVIRONMENT or EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES for a failure. And then search within us for what was wrong. Because when there is the problem with the environment, we don’t even need to change, why should we change when everything in th environment is wrong? So, in order to change yourself, first of all, you need to blame yourself for the situation you are in!


Henceforth from now, whenever something goes wrong, look within what’s wrong and try to improvise and make it better.

“Accept responsibility for your actions,

Be accountable for your results,

And take ownership of your mistakes”


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