Who am I?

Probably a combination of skateboarder, artist, God and Philanthropist, but most of all, I am a DJ, expressing my inspirational life and emotions through my music.

I was raised in a small Seattle family, but I grew tired of the weather in Seattle and at age 16, I escaped to Florida. I am a fan of nature and when not DJ'ing, you can find me near beaches and palm trees.

I feel blessed because I now have the option to play music at great venues in places with warm weather. Ibiza and Bali are the main locations I like to play at, but I do visit Florida from time to time.

DJ/BEAVER might sound strange, but there is a logical explanation to the name. I am a huge fan of Justin Bieber and I was once attacked by a beaver with rabies, so, the name is actually short for Doctor Justin Beaver.

Peace & Love.

1940 Richards Avenue
Gustine, CA 95322
Phone: 209-854-1580