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    Here's how people are using "Kindness Cards".

    She demanded that I do something else with that money. (Shreya Mehta)

    It was not long ago, I was at the checkout counter of our local grocery store. Actually, the situation was really embarrassing for me. My bill was about 525 Rs. and I only had a 500 Rs note in my pocket. I knew that. So, at the checkout counter, I began to remove items from the bags. As I was prioritizing things and trying to remove some necessary stuff (As I had only 500Rs note in my pocket and I had forgotten my wallet at home), I heard a soft voice from the shopper in the line behind me.

    that letter on the bench made my day great!

    The start of the day itself suggested that it wasn't going to be a good day for me. It was raining. Raining heavily. It was literally pouring like never before. I was amazed and puzzled by the sudden climate change. It was raining heavily in the mid of summer.
    "Hey, hey, hey. Get up. Common. We're getting late." That was my wife, sprinkling some water on me to roll me out of the bed. That is where I realized that it was raining heavily, pouring like anything, in my dream and I still had to face this entire day which had a lot many disasters, and blunders for me. (I didn't knew this at the beginning of the day. Neither I knew that this was going to be the best day of my life.)
    Sure enough, I was already late for about 45 minutes to work. I missed my breakfast, also forgot to take my tiffin

    "One kind act per day, keeps scarcity far away."