The Passion Test

The Passion Test

It was not long ago, I received an email from Jane (name is replaced just to preserve her identity and any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.) She seemed to be quite puzzled. “Aditya. First things first – I read all your blogs and write ups – and I must say each and every one of them is fascinating and uniquely phenomenal.  I just read one of your recent blogs, “Pursue Passions – than Paychecks” – again, it was as expected – amazing and awesome. However, I wanted to ask – how can we know if we are truly passionate about something. I love doing so many things – that I just cannot exactly say what I’m passionate about. So, can you mark out a way to know precisely – what are we passionate about?”

Well, “first things first” – thank you so much for those kind words of appreciation – glad and grateful that you found my work “fascinating and awesome”. As far as your question is concerned, here’s the best way I could possibly answer it – If you want to know that you are following your passion or not – and also what is it that you are passionate about – let’s go along with “The Passion Test”

You will know that you are following your passion if you can answer “yes” to the four ‘f’S BELOW:


Do you really enjoy what you do; it provides a constant buzz and is a constant motivator? Is going to workplace – everyday a “fantask” for you and that you can never afford a day “off” your work?


Do you feel that you are recognized for what you do and what you do is adding immense value to the society?


Of course, wealth is relative, but we all have lifestyle needs. Having these needs satisfied is your own personal fortune. You might say, “Well, money is not at all a concern for me – if I get to do what I love.” If this is you – then here’s a quick note for you, If you are not getting paid for what you do – than you are not pursuing your passion – rather it’s just merely a hobby. So, if you are paid sufficiently for what you do proficiently – that’s what we call a fortune!


Is there a sustained long-term horizon for what you are doing?

If your answer to all the above questions is, “damn yes!” then you are on a perfect path which will eventually lead you to your “dreamland.”

“If I had to name a driving force in my life, I would name passion every time.
-Anita Roddick

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