Top 10 ways to instil customer service in your company

Top 10 ways to instil customer service

Recently I completed “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. Delivering excellent customer experience has always been my area of research. Here are the top 10 ways Tony stresses to enhance and optimize customer experience. I loved it so much that I was unable to resist my temptation to share it here.

P.S. It is in “raw form” so it is advisable to consume it as per your needs.

1. Make customer service a priority for the whole company, not just a department. A customer service attitude needs to come from the top.

2. Make WOW a verb that is part of your company’s everyday vocabulary.

3. Empower and trust your customer service reps. Trust that they want to provide great service… because they actually do. Escalations to a supervisor should be rare.

4. Realize that it’s okay to fire customers who are insatiable or abuse your employees.

5. Don’t measure call times, don’t force employees to upsell, and don’t use scripts.

6. Don’t hide your 1-800 number. It’s a message not just to your customers, but to your employees as well.

7. View each call as an investment in building a customer service brand, not as an expense you’re seeking to minimize.

8. Have the entire company celebrate great service. Tell stories of WOW experiences to everyone in the company.

9. Find and hire people who are already passionate about customer service.

10. Give great stories to everyone: customers, employees and vendors.

Source: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

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